Management of the Potential Organ Donor

An uncommonly encountered patient population. We teach the evidence based approach to this population.

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Organ Donation after Death by Neurologic Crtieria

It is important for donation professionals to understand the complex process that allows one donor to save up to eight lives.

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Donation after Death by Circulatory Criteria

In many provinces, patients may also become organ donors after controlled withdrawal of invasive physiologic support.

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Talking to Families

Approaching families for consent for organ and tissue donation is a special skill best left to the professionals. The principles of communicating this difficult information will be discussed.

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Donor and Organ Evaluation

This special skill set will also be reviewed in detail.

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A variety of talented teachers are available for ongoing mentorship. While they teach with Donor Academy, they may also host other educational resources on this site.

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Get a sense of what courses are available - from novice to expert, Donor Academy has something to offer.

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It is anticipated that CME credit will be available for completing our courses. Under construction.

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We are building a collection of articles on Mendeley to allow people to see the evidence that informs organ donation practice.

Educating healthcare professionals to be organ donation specialists using multi-modality education to meet your needs.